Entry: The Journey Begins Monday, June 28, 1999

Benjie, Blair, and Paul are all relaxing. I'm snug in my bed. I almost forget I'm in a boat going to Manila. (We took cabin tickets which make our accommodations look like a cramped hotel room rather than a boat cabin. There aren't any portholes) I'll miss Cebu for sure. I'll miss my parents and my sisters. I already miss Yani. I still cry inside knowing I won't be seeing her for at least some months.

(deleted portions)

Right now, all I can think of is where we'll go out when I get back. I still can't think of our Manila adventure just a few hours away. I guess I don't want to.


August 5, 2004   04:24 PM PDT
SATI's journey reminded me of a verse from BRMC's (Black REbel Motorcycle Club) "Awake"--

"I've been awake through the wrong descisions
I've held the ground now I'm gaining soul
I bit my tongue through the cold
I've been accused but I've only begun."

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