Entry: Rejuvenated comeback Tuesday, August 03, 1999

It's morning and the SuperFerry's size is no match for the waves. She rocks badly. At the cafeteria, the freezer slides easily as the ship lists heavily at times.

Nobody seems worried.

The food was ok. The coffee, bad.

Just a few hours away from Manila's port. Leaving Cebu was less stressful this time. We brought much fewer baggages.

We were travelling with lighter spirits too. Four successful Cebu shows and two radio interviews, and days of rest and relaxation was so much more than I had hoped for.

The prospects are high for us now. We start playing regularly at String's on Wednesday. I hope this month turns out well. And next month better.

I can see Corregidor island on starboard. My thinking slowly shifts to "Manila mode". Today's my turn to do the dishes.

I need to rest. Can't do anything much. No cell signal.

I'll text her at the pier.


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