Entry: Bad 1st Audition Thursday, July 01, 1999

I wake up and shake off the sleep from my system. I guess I'm not fully awake yet. I strain to remember what day it is.

I miss Yani so much. I actually want to cry but can't because anyone of the other guys might stir and wake up. I don't want them to see me teary-eyed. What's worse is our audition to a talent manager last night couldn't have been worse. I wasn't expecting them to beg us to sign a contract after playing a couple of songs but I didn't also expect them not to show up either. Her name was Bibsy Carballo. The nerve. I never actually met her and I never even talked to her, (the arrangements were made thru her secretary) yet I already hate her like hell. And this stiff floor that I have to sleep on. (2 nights already) Maybe things will get better.


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