Entry: Heavy load coming home Friday, July 23, 1999

A few more hours and we'll be in Cebu. We've barely stayed for a month in Manila, the smog and traffic capital fo the Philippines, yet my heart is as heavy as bricks and my soul as tired as a soldier after a hard battle.

I need the respite from the spartan lifestyle we had to endure in Manila. Lots of misua and canned fish, no fancy food, and few luxuries if at all. I counted two movies and an almost nightly attempt at drowning of sorrows in alcoholic bliss among the few luxuries we afforded ourselves. (Tanduay rhum because beer was simply too expensive)

A few more hours and I'll get the vacation I deserve. Funny to be in Cebu and to call it a vacation.

I hope I had enough sleep. I want my voice in good condition for tonight's show. And I still have this lingering hope that Yani would meet me at the pier. I know she can't.

At least she promised to call.


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